People are incredible. I sometimes find myself wondering how we can all be different. Billions of people, all different, individual, hopes, pains, dreams. All with a different perspective, framing the world around us in our own terms, biases and sense of self. No Republican or Democrat, Muslim or Christian. Not really. Actions and heart matter, not the labels.

People are fascinating if you take a moment to really notice them. The faces, the expressions, alone, in thought. With masks, laughter with effort, hidden pains and worries, childhood joys long since lost. Hopes. What did or what do they still hope for? They're trying. Maybe messed up, mistaken, selfish, hurt, confused, alone, but trying. Imagine the stories behind each face, the smiles and frowns that have causes the lines, the events that have left the scars, physical or emotional.

We don't get to tell them, only listen. Assume their story is the most important - let it be the most important, at least for now.