12 projects in 12 months

Sort of a resolution, or about the closest I've got this year.

Some have set out on 365 projects, posting one image per day. As I mentioned in relation to my website refresh, I've decided on a different type of project, or projects. My plan is to put together one project every month, one group of related images. To explore and practice the exercise of planning, shooting, selecting, processing and sequencing a set of images. Each will have a theme, some location based and others based around an idea or principle. Partly I want to move away from always assessing each image individually, but also be better at developing themes and narratives beyond that of one photograph.

I don't know exactly what every project will be yet but I have two in progress, and ideas for the next few after that. Most will be digital but one or two might be film. The first will be about my original home town, a small seaside town on the south coast of England, photographed 25 years after I first moved away. And it's nearly the end of January, so it's coming soon! As a preview of sorts, here are a couple of images that didn't quite make the final cut: