LinkedIn profile pictures to get more views

First impressions. On social media as much as in person, visuals are what we use to make an initial assessment. Studies have confirmed that your profile image makes a significant difference to the response you'll receive on social media, whether that's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. A good profile image needs to be strong, recent and consistent with your branding and image.

Here are a few tips if you're planning to have some profile shots taken:

- Avoid wearing anything too distracting (e.g. large slogans or complicated patterns) unless you want to make a feature of the clothes

- Dress as you would for your business

- Long sleeves are generally better than short

- Wear something you feel comfortable in

- Wear a different colour to your skin tone

- Avoid a strapless top or dress

- Bring accessories to add variety to the shots, such as a hat, scarf or glasses

- Try to get a good night's sleep the night before

- Make sure you’re well hydrated (more water, less alcohol and coffee) - it helps to clear the skin