Alastair Arthur Photography


Photography by Alastair Arthur

Travel Photography | A Taste of Morocco

Soon after we arrived in Marrakech, we left the Riad to walk toward the main square (Jemaa el-Fnaa). The tiny roads and alleyways of the Medina in the early evening were full of rich colours, sounds and smells, with street vendors starting their evening trade and scooters expertly picking their way between the busy pedestrians. The light was gorgeous and it was a perfect introduction to an amazing city.

We spent a day at the coastal city of Essaouira too, courtesy of the driver of an ancient Mercedes taxi that offered to take us for the same price as the bus. The beach, sea air and amazing harbour were a beautiful complement to the noise and crowds of Marrakech.

For a photography holiday, or a vacation with some photography thrown in, put Morocco on your shortlist.