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Behind the Scenes | Model Shoot at Paris Opera

I wrote the book on model shoots. Did I say wrote? I meant read. And even then I'm not sure I understood it all. Nice pictures though.

So I find it strange that I'm now photographing models on a fairly regular basis. Initially it was partly by accident and partly from a desire to take more portraits and have people in front of my camera. Meetup groups have been useful, with one group in particular providing lighting and organising models. The other forum that has been useful is Model Mayhem.

Last week I had the chance to shoot with two models and a makeup artist. They were already organised and just needed a photographer and asked whether I could do it. We met at the Paris Gernier opera house and put together a rough plan for the shoot. It was fun and the makeup artist and the models were excellent. We tried a few locations around the opera house as the day got brighter and the light changed. We did get moved on once by the opera house staff, for being 'too professional'.

I like the idea of a cross-over between fashion/model shoots and portraits, bring the character from a good portrait and the elegance or drama from a model shoot. Most simply though, a model shoot is another opportunity to have people in front of my camera and to capture their beauty and humanity.

(By the way, 'the book' is Mastering the Model Shoot by Frank Doorhof, and is an excellent read and reference for model photography).