Paris photos featured in Fujifilm X Magazine

It was a surprise and honour when the editor of the new Fujifilm X magazine got in touch to ask whether they could feature my Paris photography. They had seen a few of my images that I'd posted on the Fujifilm forum. I've been using Fujifilm equipment since last summer and can't speak highly enough of the quality of their gear so I was excited to be involved with their new magazine.

One of their writers got in contact soon after so that we could work through a little of the background behind each image. They then also decided to use one of my images for the cover. That was early this year and the issue with my feature (issue 3), came out about a month later.

The magazine is digital-only, beautifully designed and completely free. You can check it out here (or download a dedicated app to read it on Android and iOS) :

Fujifilm X Magazine