2015 Manifesto

A bit late for resolutions? Maybe, but then again why not get to know the new year a little first before deciding exactly how to tackle it. I do have some specific goals in mind for the year but this is more about trying to live better, being intentional and having a considered approach to the day-to-day stuff. So here are my intentions:

  • Read more deeply and consider the implications. Don't just skim.
  • Seek regular inspiration, from images, great photographers, social media, movies, books, music, art, life. Make journal notes about the things that inspire me most.
  • Venture regularly outside my comfort zone.
  • Complete one personal project each month.
  • Find a better creative rhythm of shooting and editing on a weekly basis.
  • Get new work critiqued and act on the feedback.
  • Engage more on social media. Share openly and regularly. Leave comments rather than just +1/like.
  • Get outside more often and explore.
  • Savour the moment.
  • Drink more whiskey.

Granted they're not all easy to measure, and aren't even all very specific. This isn't succeed or fail, although I'm sure I will tend to know if I'm following what I had in mind. I see them as being more about the process than the end results, habits that will help me to move forward and continue to learn. Even the whiskey.

(Partly inspired by Kris Matheson)