24-hour solo photowalk in London

24 hours walking around the streets of London taking photos. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Why pay for a hotel? I can always sleep on the train the next day. So at 10:45am on 2 October I arrived at St. Pancras with my tripod and trusty Fujifilm X-E1, and set off on foot to explore London for 24 hours.

I enjoy both street photography and what I would call cityscapes, so I took plenty of both throughout the day and night. I was offered drugs a few times (I didn't buy any), was asked for drugs once (I didn't sell any!) and gave an impromptu photography lesson to an American guy by the Thames. I also watched a drunk guy smash the door mirror off a taxi with his fist.

It might not sound like it based on those few highlights, but it did actually feel like a pretty safe place to be. I stuck to the central areas and there were people around throughout the night. I'm sure the most hardy club-goers were still out as the first commuters started their journeys.

I've made a final selection here of 24 photos from that 24 hour period.

Around 5am was the most difficult time, waiting for the sunrise. With hindsight I should have sought out the early morning markets to get some shots of that early activity rather than just the early commuters. And I should have taken a portable phone battery charger. Still, there's always next time. 24-hour photowalk anyone?