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Time machine Ricoh GR1v

On a post-Christmas shopping trip in the UK, heading back to the car, I thought I’d stop briefly at the London Camera Exchange in Bath just to see what they had in. A chap called Dave Parr asked if he could help so I said I was just browsing for a small film camera, maybe something like a Ricoh GR or Contax. Predictably there was nothing in store, but Dave started telling me a little story. He and a friend had both bought a new Ricoh GR at the same time. His friend had used his but Dave had left his unused. His friend died a couple of years ago, leaving his Ricoh to Dave, who then started using it daily. Dave’s original was still unused.

”I don’t suppose you’d be interested in selling it?” 

Fortunately he was. 


I’m still on the first role of (expired) film so it’ll be a while before I can report back in any detail, but it looks immaculate along with it’s original box, instructions, strap and lens hood. It’s lovely small machine, will slip easily into a pocket and is well respected for street photography so it’ll be heading into New York with me as soon as we’re back in the US.