iPhone apps for photographers

These are my favorite mobile apps right now, firstly photography specific, then a few more general apps that I either use a lot. I do use an iPhone, but most of these are available on Android too.


I've tried other general photo editors, and there are some great options out there so to an extent this is down to personal preference. VSCO, Darkroom and Enlight are all excellent. Lightroom mobile is now a feasible option, especially if you want to sync your edits to a laptop or desktop. Photoshop Fix has some powerful features. But I keep coming back to Snapseed for it's speed, quality and intuitive interface.


The increasing ads are frustrating but I still love using Instagram. There are some great photographers posting regularly (Steve McCurry, Zack Arias, Jeremy Cowart and Dan Winters for example) and some great creativity on display. I also use the Padgram app on iPad to browse and comment.


Along with the standard iPhone camera app, this is the app I use most for shooting with the phone. It's not the fastest, but has some of the most interesting filters (in the form of lenses and films) and you can now create and save your own.


To be honest I don't use it that much, but this is still my favourite 'fully featured' camera app with manual controls.


The Photographer's Ephemeris is a great utility if you want to plan sunrise or sunset shots. It uses Google's map data but adds lines to show the angle of the sun at sunrise and sunset in any specific location, and the same for the moon.


Like Flickr, 500px is an image sharing community. The standard is relatively high, although with a definite emphasis on sharp, clean images rather than much that is particularly gritty or emotional. I prefer Instagram, but 500px is still a useful resource.

General Productivity Apps

  • Day One - Not free but I love this journalling app and use it regularly.
  • Notes - Google Keep on Android was probably my favourite simple notes app, but Apple Notes does the job ok. Some people seem to love EverNote but it's much more than I need.
  • Todoist - I work from a daily list and keep it all logged here.
  • Paper - Gorgeous app for sketching ideas.
  • Feedly - Another app I use daily, for checking on the various blogs I follow.
  • Overcast - My preferred podcast app.
  • EveryDollar - For budget tracking.
  • Duolingo - Since I'm attempting to learn Spanish at the moment.

General UnProductivity Apps