Art at it's finest

'Fine Art' is such a generic term, applied to images that are intended to represent the artistic vision of the photographer rather than, as a primary purpose, to document an event or the surroundings. A fine purpose, even if it doesn't always result in a fine outcome.

I came across a couple of pieces of art recently that left me in awe of it's creators. The first was the Stephen Pressfield book that I recommended recently. If you want to write, it's superb. If you don't, it's still very, very good. He talks about story, what we like and expect from stories, and how the same principles apply whether we're writing a novel or a screenplay or a powerpoint presentation (or a photo essay). He talks about his previous book The War of Art and gives many other examples in recent literature. It's thoughtful, thorough and engaging.

 Coldplay, Metlife Stadium, New Jersey. July 2016.

Coldplay, Metlife Stadium, New Jersey. July 2016.

The second piece of art was seeing Coldplay in concert at the 80,000 capacity Metlife stadium. Maybe you've seen them live and know what to expect. I hadn't. Maybe there are other bands that do this stuff as well or better, I don't know. But the visual artistry that accompanied the music was stunning. Some themes ran through the show. They use wristband lights (given to everyone in the crowd), fireworks, fire and some clever stage design in conjunction with video, graphics and camera angles to consistently complement and 'amplify' the music.

Commitment. Attention to detail. Practice. Willingness to experiment and fail. Being vulnerable.

Both were an inspiration.