Best photography YouTube channels

I was expecting to be talking about my second 2018 project by now, but I’ve decided it’s not ready yet. The images I’d chosen as the strongest shots don’t tell the story well enough together, so I need a rethink and probably a different selection. It’s all part of the process, but is going to take me a few more days to sort out. It should still be appearing soon though I hope.

I’ll be back in the UK via Iceland next week, assuming the current storms on both sides of the pond have cleared enough. I’m hoping to shoot project number 3 with the X100F while I’m back, although equipment with a little more weather protection looks like it might be a better plan.

I'm sure I've done this before a while back but I thought I'd share some of my favorite photography YouTube channels. There's plenty of rubbish out there, some misinformed and even misleading. Even some of the better channels are mostly light entertainment rather than educational, but there are a few exceptions and I'll start with those.

The Art of Photography
Ted Forbes has been doing more gear-related posts recently but he's still a great presenter and the earlier shows covering some of the all-time great photographers and photobooks are well worth seeking out.

Matt Day
Matt is mostly a film photographer, and again an excellent presenter as he shares his thoughts and processes.

Craft & Vision
David DuChemin was a leading humanitarian photographer, although he's now shooting primarily wildlife. Initially his channel felt a little formal (surprising given that he used to be a standup comic) but he's now relaxed into it and shares great insights from his own experience.

John Free
John's posts are rare and sporadic but give a unique perspective from an experienced and successful street photographer.

Sean Tucker
I think the first thing that sold me on Sean's channel was that he was using an old, beaten up X100 or X100S as his primary street camera. Anyone who is able get the latest and best gear but chooses to use something cheap instead gets a lot of respect in my book. He only posts once per month but each are high quality and thoughtfully put together.

Mattias Burling
Gear reviews and comparisons, but Mattias shares plenty of images too and I like his perspective. He'll often look at older digital cameras and emphasizes size and ergonomics that many seem to ignore.

Thomas Heaton
A landscape photographer, Thomas gives some great 'behind the scenes' coverage as he travels, shoots and edits.

The Camera Store
More gear from the guys at a store in Calgary, but a good balanced mix of technical details with practical thoughts and humor.

By the way, is anyone trying Vero at the moment? I am on there so do connect if you join, but have a quick read of this article on Gizmodo first. I hadn't read these details on the CEO when I joined. Shame, the interface looks good and if they kept the promise of no ads or algorithms then it had real potential.

I hope the links are useful. Have a great weekend!