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Announcing my new book: The Photographer's Guide to Paris

 Old camera, new book

Old camera, new book

It's here! The first full photography book that I've written and the first book I've had published. Hopefully the title is self explanatory but here's a little of the story of how it came to pass.

The idea came to me initially before a trip to Porto. I wanted to know where in the city would be good to visit in order to take the best photographs. So started to look online. There were a couple of websites with a few suggestions but nothing more than that. Which made me wonder if there was anything for Paris. Again there were websites giving some tips and suggestions, and a 'top 10'-style book, but nothing that would be easy to download and take on a trip. So I started to write one.

I already had plenty of photos from two years in Paris, and I continued to take more as I finalised the first draft. Peachpit Press are well known as publishers of some of the best-selling photography books globally, and I noticed that their Fuel Books series might be a good fit for my Paris Guide. Fortunately they agreed and we were soon signing contracts and discussing additional content to make the final version as comprehensive as possible without becoming too cumbersome as a guide for photographer unfamiliar with the city.

So I don't have a tale of blood, sweat and tears. Not this time. I love taking photographs of Paris and it's been fun to put that experience into writing too. It's taught me more about the city as well as the process of creating a useful guidebook. Peachpit Press, the publishers, have been a pleasure to work with. Publishing contracts can be daunting for a first time author but my experience with Peachpit has been very much of collaboration, agreeing changes together and seeking to create the best possible product. Many thanks to my editor, Valerie Witte, for her input and encouragement. She is responsible for the whole Fuel series of books, but has always made time to respond and keep me updated through the production process. I hope we get to meet in person one day!

The book includes suggestions for all the main sights of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre and Versailles, with example photos and the settings I used to take them. I also feature a few places that are less well known but are still great for photography. I also give some general photography tips and details of the equipment I use. To make it as useful as possible to take on a trip to Paris, there are links to official websites for opening times and to Google maps so you can easily navigate to a given location.

So here it is, released into the wild for the first time:

Peachpit Press


It should also be on Amazon very soon too.

 The Photographer's Guide to Paris

The Photographer's Guide to Paris