Maybe the Insta-famous would disagree, but there must be room for a good, ad-free, algorithm-free social platform for images. A pre-Facebook Instagram if you like. Maybe EyeEm was close but I don’t hear much about it. Or the social elements of VSCO. Flickr and 500px always seemed more gallery than social, although it’ll be interesting to see how Flickr develops under SmugMug ownership.

Ello seemed promising but the interface, to me, was always too quirky. But then I could never get the hang of Snapchat either. Vero had huge publicity recently, initially for a promising and pretty design, then for it’s frustrating server issues, then for disturbing details about the business history of one of the founders.

Now Dayflash has gone from invite-only to open access. And it does look promising.

Images look good. Vertical images get more real-estate than horizontal images, but both appear fully in your gallery, nicely pieced together. One great feature is that you can prepare up to 100 images for posting later, then share them when you’re ready. By default, each post is only public for 24 hours but you can then choose which you want to ‘pin’ permanently to your gallery. So you can easily curate your gallery over time.

The home feed works really nicely too, flipping through each image posted that day by everyone you follow. Swipe up for details, left to 'like'.

It lacks some key features that are promised soon, such as hashtag and profile searching, so it can be difficult to find other users of a particular style or genre or location at the moment. I also find it a little frustrating that it defaults to the camera mode when you open the app, but that must be an easy fix.

Who knows how long it can stay ‘pure’ and ad-free, but for now it seems to be a better platform than Instagram. Enjoy it while you can and lets hope Facebook doesn't buy this one.