Dear Fujifilm...

Thanks for the great cameras. Size, style, classic controls, great lenses, excellent build quality and significant software updates, they've been a pleasure to own and use both for work and fun stuff.

I've been using Fuji gear for about 4 years now and have never been let down or even been disappointed, only occasionally confused (such as when I accidentally flicked the auto switch on the X-T10 without noticing and wondered why I couldn't control anything). So no complaints, but I do have a few requests:

  • More Weather Sealing, bodies and lenses
  • USB-C charging and transfer. Phones and laptops are rapidly adopting USB-C, so cameras will follow eventually but why not be at the forefront? The ability to re-charge from a power pack would reduce to need to carry quite so many spare batteries.
  • Tethering on more than just the X-T1, X-T2
  • A new pancake lens, weather-sealed and with an aperture ring.

For street photography, a weather-sealed X100/X70 (or X-E3 with pancake lens) would be awesome.

I know some want more touchscreens and tilting screens. I don't mind. They can be nice to have but there's a lot to be said for simplicity too, and keeping at least some cameras in the range as more 'purist' options I think is the right way to go.