Stuff. A few 2016 Highlights.

Hey, we're nearly there, how is the 2017 planning and resolution setting going? Much as I'd love to claim not to be interested in gear and other stuff, I do enjoy the odd gadget or two. Here are a few of the objects and media I've been enjoying most.


Fujifilm have had a great year and I remain a total fan of their camera gear. The X-T10 has continued to serve me well, but two new highlights for me have been the 35mm f/2 lens and the Instax SP-2 printer. The printer is a great little tool to take on a shoot or street session and the 35mm has been on my camera almost permanently since I got it.


Three books come to mind, two non-fiction and one fiction. I've already recommended the latest Steven Pressfield book, Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit. I'm also reading slowly through and absorbing the Magnum Contact Sheets, which is full of great images, comments and techniques from some of the greatest photographers in history. I finally got around to reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King and enjoyed it thoroughly.


I'm not listening to podcasts as much right now as I have in the past, only really when I take the cat out for a walk. The Tim Ferriss Show remains a favorite though, and I've recently come across Hashtagged which seems promising.


For something lighthearted, Badland 2 is my favorite little mobile game at the moment and I've managed to avoid Candy Crush for another year. It wasn't easy to get hold off, but we did manage to get a Nintendo Classic this Christmas this year for some great retro gaming, especially Donkey Kong and Mario.


Last on my list was TV and film, but I've honestly not been struck by any recently. Instead, there are a few organisations doing beautiful, careful, crafted work that I want to mention.

I might never be able to afford one, but Singer Vehicle Design lovingly restore and sell classic Porsches. They strip down and improve or replace ever little detail of the original car. Their attention to detail is amazing, and, to my eyes, the finished products are stunning (credit to Porsche too of course!).

Modest Mind are a relatively new local company here in Jersey City, producing clothing and accessories. I met them recently at local market and loved the quality and style. It would be great to see them continue to grow.

Finally, I had the privilege to work with Potter's House in Guatemala City earlier this year. Their love and care for the local communities is outstanding. There has just been a fire among some of the poorest communities there so they will appreciate any support and prayers right now.