The Fujifilm X-E3 - Priced too low?

Not that $900 US is cheap, and I'm sure it is relatively more expensive in other countries too.

It's also a fair price for what you're getting. The latest Fujifilm sensor and processing in a fairly small, rangefinder-style package. Japanese-made quality, touchscreen functionality and Bluetooth.

Rumors suggested the price would be higher than the X-T20, so slotting into the range between that and the flagship X-T2 and X-Pro2, presumably in terms of functionality and desirability as well as price. Which sounded good to me. As others have suggested, potentially an X-Pro2 without the optical viewfinder and maybe a few fewer features to keep the price lower. I liked the sound of some of the other rumors too. I never use a built-in flash for example. A tilting screen is often useful but for a classic rangefinder-style camera I can understand the exclusion. And no d-pad buttons. More simplification.

And the rear of the camera does look great. Fewer buttons have made it look much cleaner and left plenty of space for your thumb to grip the camera without accidentally pressing buttons. They could have been bolder with the changes to the front, maybe reducing or removing the 'X-E3' moniker to make it more subtle and moving it closer in look to the X-Pro2. It very much sticks to the X-E family design.

So what's not to like? Actually I do like it a lot. But not enough to buy it right now. And that's why I think there's a missed opportunity because if it had been a little more expensive with a few minor changes I very probably would have pre-ordered already. So here's my X-E4 wishlist:

  • No auto switch. It could easily be a camera for beginners but is it really too hard for a beginner to choose auto ISO, aperture and shutter speed for themselves?
  • Weather Resistance. And if that's costly to implement then price it accordingly.
  • Combined ISO/Shutter Speed dial from the X-Pro2.

The X-E3 is a big step forward from the X-E2s and an excellent street and documentary camera. I just can't help feeling there's still a gap for a very clean, simple, fast, high quality, all-weather street/documentary camera.