Good news and bad news from the tech world

Adobe have said they are going to remove Photoshop Touch, their mobile photo editing app, from the app store. It was good, if a little cumbersome in comparison to some of it's competitors such as the updated Snapseed. (By the way, Stackables is another editor that I've been trying out recently and I'm very impressed with it so far).  It's not all bad though, because they are working on a replacement and it looks like it could be rather good. Check out the preview video here.

More bad news though, this time from Apple. It seems that the new version of iOS that will appear later this year is being tested to work on devices as old as the iPhone 4S and maybe even the iPad 2. Seriously? How am I going to justify an upgrade?? (Actually, if this is true and I hope it is, all credit to Apple for doing so).