Happy Christmas

A slightly belated happy Christmas! I hope you’ve been having a great few days. 

I’ve been learning a few lessons and trying to put myself in other’s shoes, especially as we try to divide time between family and friends. I’ve also been mixing up the photo taking with a little more video than usual. iPad editing too, which I hope will become more common through 2018.

More on that soon though. How has your Christmas been? It’s not an easy time for many, and the abundant consumption so often gets in the way of the moments, messages and stories that matter. But the stories endure, and give hope and promise and excitement in a way that personally I haven’t experienced in any other event or festival.

For us it’s also a time back in the UK, to catch up with old friends and remember the differences with our relatively new home in the US. We love them both, and certain quirky traditions of UK culture will always be special to us. It is a bit damp though.