Hearing Voices

If I think about the media voices that shout loudest to me at the moment, they sound something like this:

The current US Administration is dangerous/foolish/incompetent. Look at what they're doing now.

You'd be happier if you had this new thing.

Look at me, my life's great!

I listen to the voices, read the headlines and often the full article or post. And probably get a little less happy in the process. It's nothing to do with the level of truth in those messages either. I want to stay informed with the main news in the US, UK and feel uneasy about a lot of it, especially the politics. But if it's just going to mostly just make me angry to read and watch then maybe I have to be a little less informed and pick the stories that really matter. I think (hope) I'm learning to resist. I'm getting better at ignoring clickbait, most of Facebook and tuning out of pre-YouTube ads. I've generally given up on discussion forums, although gear reviews do still often draw me in. We don't watch tv now, only Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.

And there are so many more useful, instructive and positive voices around. This is the stuff I know I should be devoting my attention to more:

Books - I don't want to lose the habit of reading in depth rather than skimming articles and clicked tempting links. The Magnum Contact Sheets book has been especially inspiring me recently.

Podcasts - Good, bad and ugly like any media, but it's not difficult to find informed and thoughtful discussion.

Bible - To better absorb some of the greatest stories ever told.