How to follow this blog

If you want to follow this or other blogs, you probably don’t want to keep coming back to this website every so often just to see if I’ve written anything new, much as I’d appreciate the extra web stats. I’m typically writing twice per week at the moment, but other blogs can be anything from daily to monthly or even less.

Almost every blog is an RSS feed, a standard format. So it’s really just a case of finding an ‘RSS reader’ app that you like.

Before Google cancelled the project, Google Reader was the standard solution. When that was dropped, I took a look at options and started to use Feedly. It’s easy to add and organize the content into categories, and I use it daily on my phone and iPad. Flipboard is more pretty but seems more difficult to add content unless it’s written specifically as a Flipboard magazine.

I’ve also enabled this blog on the Apple News app on iPhone or iPad. Just search for ‘Alastair Arthur Photography’ and it should appear.



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