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How to Overcome Photographer's Block

If you're a creative of any sort, you'll know that writer's block, or at least creative block, isn't unique to writers. The blank canvas, the unused film or the empty memory card can be just as daunting as the blank page.

Or sometimes you've got started and taken some images, but can't help the feeling that everything photo taken so far is worthless. You don't feel inspired and it's feels like a waste of time.

Just picking up the camera and being out there, or booking the next photoshoot, is often a large part of the battle, but sometimes that isn't enough.

If you're a street photographer, one thing I suggest is take a few minutes to stop and stand still. Maybe even put the camera away for a moment. Take a deep breath and look around you. Take notice of your other senses, what you can smell and hear. Are those sensations something that you could incorporate into your images? What catches your eye? Without a camera, what would you be likely to remember most?

I think we so often get caught up in just the visuals so much that we forget about what we are really experiencing, what the city is throwing at us. Sometimes we need a little time without worrying about the next image.

Perhaps it's reverse psychology. Not trying to make a photograph can make it easier to do so.

It often works for me anyway.

 Manhattan, NYC. September 2016

Manhattan, NYC. September 2016

 Chinatown, Manhattan, NYC. September 2016

Chinatown, Manhattan, NYC. September 2016

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