Working on just an iPad

Is it possible to get some serious (or fun) work done on only an iPad? More and more I'm using it instead of a laptop. It somehow feels more enjoyable to use, even if some tasks take a little longer to do.

I like being able to move around, step away from the desk and maybe work on the sofa for a while. I like the touch interface, perhaps in part due to the increased familiarity from phone use. I wasn't a big fan initially of using an on-screen keyboard but now I'm happy to use them and of course they have the advantage of being virtually silent. Good for meetings or if someone is trying to sleep (common in some of the meetings I used to attend).

That's not saying it's ideal. Android seems to provide better multi-tasking but I like the iPad's apps and hardware too much to switch back in a hurry. The Microsoft Surface could be a great device but I've only tried it very briefly and Windows has caused a little too much pain over the years. There is some screen reflection too so a Kindle is still a better device for reading large quantities of text.

It also doesn't quite do everything I need. My main photo library lives in Lightroom on a Mac and a couple of external drives. I don't yet have a wireless drive or Lightroom mobile so the photo library remains inaccessible to the iPad for now. Which is a shame because the iPad makes a lot of sense for image editing. Even with the relatively small screen size, editing with a stylus directly onto the touch screen feels a very natural and direct way to work, even in comparison to using a Wacom tablet. It's good to know that the options are there though.

For almost everything else I do, it works well. Video, web, emails and general admin are all mostly through the iPad now. Photos taken on the iPhone all come across to the iPad automatically so I can edit them on the larger screen and post to social media.

These are the apps I use most at the moment:

Feedly - for reading blogs
Day One - for journalling
Vesper - for other notes
Todoist - for my to-do list
Retro - for browsing Instagram
PhotoToaster - for photo editing

I also like Paper by FiftyThree, and Squarespace provide some useful apps for their users, including an excellent portfolio app.

iPad sales are apparently in decline, presumably in part due to the larger iPhones being used as all-in-one devices as well as the Android and Windows tablet competition. Larger phones are great for light mobile use, but it would be a shame to lose the tablet experience in favour of a smaller compromise.