Jersey City portraits with Campbell

I met Campbell (she prefers to go by her last name) near Grove Street station a couple of months back. Since moving to Jersey City in the summer I've been wanting to do more photoshoots here rather than always heading into New York or Hoboken, so it was good to meet another local. We finally managed to make time to meet up recently, at Liberty State Park.

I've opted for black and white for the first couple of images because some of the colors in the truck were too distracting, so the image is much stronger in black and white. If you're considering the question of b&w vs. color, it can be useful to ask yourself a) whether the color detracts from the image, for example by creating a distraction from your intended subject, and b) whether removing the color means losing anything important to the image, whether that is story, detail or mood.

I've applied some different processing on these but I love the mood of the location, a boatyard with views over Manhattan in the opposite direction.

Beautiful soft colors from these container units and I opted for very little processing on these although I am using the Fujifilm 'Classic Chrome' film simulation.

All images were taken using natural light only, on a Fujifilm X-T10 and 35mm f/2 lens. Processing is entirely in Adobe Lightroom.

Amanda Campbell is an actress based in Jersey City and you can see more about her on her website at