Lessons from an NBA star and a preacher

The LA Lakers have retired two jerseys for all-time great Kobe Bryant, only the tenth Laker ever to have a Jersey retired and the first time an NBA team have retired two for one player. Talking about the significance of his second number, 24, Bryant said:

"It's a new book, 24 -- 24 is every day. Because when you get older, your muscles start getting sore. Body starts aching. You show up to practice that day, you have to remind yourself, 'OK, this day is the most important day. I got to push through this soreness. My ankles are tight, they won't get loose. I got to go through it, because this is the most important day.' So, 24 also helped me from a motivational standpoint." 

We’re tempted to thing that our images will be better with a new lens or camera. But it’s not that day that matters. It’s what we do today that counts most. We need to stop making excuses and take some pictures, make some art, learn something new or practice a skill we know we could improve.

Pastor Erwin Raphael McManus talks about preaching to a large audience in his series “The Last Arrow”:

“That night I gave every ounce of passion within me, but it wasn’t because I was in front of thousands. It was the same intensity I gave every week to the 20 or 200 people who walked through the doors of my church.”

We’re tempted to always want more followers and think we deserve more attention. But it’s not the numbers, it’s how we connect with the audience we have now that matters.


These are lessons I’m trying to learn, lessons I’ve been reminded of this week. I’m back in the UK for some family time, and leaving the Fuji behind sometimes to play with the iPhone and good old Hipstamatic.