Most Liked Instagram Images in 2016

I rarely photograph with Instagram primarily in mind (maybe I should), but I do find it interesting to see whether the images that I think are the strongest are also the most popular. It often isn't the case.

For a while my most popular image was a phone shot of some colorful buildings by the river in Trondheim, Norway. It's an decent image, but far from anything special. I didn't research too deeply but suspect that someone with a larger following happened to like it, which then brought it to a wider audience.

So don't read too much into how many Likes an image receives. If you are interested though, these are my 'top' ranked images from this year:

So a mix of street photography and model shots, two from Coney Island, two from Jersey City, two from the New York Public Library, one from the NYC subway and two others from Manhattan. I'm actually surprised to find that these are some of my favorites too. I will pick my own favorites from the year soon and post them here, and at least two or three of these will probably make the cut.

If you are on Instagram, thanks for the Likes and Follows, it's much appreciated!

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