Photography Shows on Netflix

YouTube is undoubtedly addictive. A quick fix. A gear review here, a quick Photoshop tip there. There's some very good (and some not so good) educational stuff, but it's so easy to end up down a rabbit hole wondering where the last hour went and why you're now considering a new lens when you were originally looking for a video on how to fix some plumbing.

For something a little deeper, Netflix has some great shows. Be warned though, you won't learn whether you should buy a Sony A9 (probably not) or see twenty hilarious drone crashes. And there are no cats involved, as far as I remember.

Finding Vivian Maier. One of the great street photographers was a nanny who seemingly just photographed for her own enjoyment. A great story of a fascinating character and her images, hidden for many years.

Everybody Street. Street photography again, the many different approaches and philosophies of some excellent New York photographers.

Harry Benson: Shoot First. A great photographer, both as a journalist and portraitist, and another fascinating personality.

Abstract. Not all photography but a great series (based on the episodes I've seen so far) covering different aspects of design. Episode 7 looks at the portrait photographer Platon. Try not to be too jealous of his studio, team of assistants or collection of Leicas and Hassleblads.

Bill Cunningham New York. In apparent contrast, Bill Cunningham lived simply in a small apartment and traveled around the city by bike. Greatly loved, admired and respected throughout the fashion industry.

Tales by Light. Perhaps my least favorite of the bunch because it feels a little staged and convenient, with less depth than the other documentaries. There are some beautiful photos though and it's still worth a watch. I haven't finished the second season yet so there could still be some gems.