New Street Photography Site and Community

Back in Paris, before I moved to the U.S, I used to often join a good friend for a beer and a few hours of philosophizing. We weren't in Montmartre and I don't know if Van Gogh or Picasso used to enjoy a good beer while contemplating life and art in the great city, but it was a great experience. And I miss those discussions. The ideas, the theories, the grand plans, and I’m sure there were a few rants from both of us.

So I decided to start a gathering in New York. For street photographers. Initially just to meet and chat and have a drink. Maybe we’ll incorporate a few short photo walks too.

I called it Strt, and there’s now a website for the community too:

Even if you’re not a New York local, hopefully the site will be a useful resource for Street Photography as it grows in content and features. And if you are local, check out the Events page and I’d love to see you at a future meet. Free stickers too at the next meet! I'm sure Picasso would have had free stickers.

Have a great weekend.