Packing for Guatemala

What to take? I like the old adage for traveling of first choosing what you think you need, then take half as many clothes and twice as much money. I'm not sure that applies to a shorter trip though.

As many of you will know, I'm leaving for Guatemala in a few hours, to work with a team from Hoboken Grace and Potter's House, building a home for a family in Guatemala City. It's been thanks to the generous donations of many of you that the trip has been possible and I'm looking forward to starting the work, meeting the family we'll be helping, and documenting the experience.

I do have a few nerves. My Spanish is as limited as my construction experience, but there will be translators there and the relationships we build won't just be about verbal communication.

In terms of equipment, here are some of the key items I'm taking to record the trip:

The tripod and Rode Videomic are because I'm planning on recording some video footage and interviews. The X-E1 will just be a back-up body and I'll switch lenses on the X-T10 as I need to. The lenses are the Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 (for portraits or low light) and the 18-55mm (for wider shots). The Kindle is just for some in-flight entertainment along with my iPhone. The bag is a ThinkTank Retrospective 5 that has been great so far and will hold all of this gear (excluding the tripod) plus spare batteries, memory cards and a cleaning cloth. One other item that I didn't include here is an old point-and-shoot camera that I'm hoping the kids will enjoy playing with too.

So that's basically it other than clothes, essentials, iPhone and various cables and accessories (mainly for the GoPro). I considered taking a laptop but instead I'm going to see how I get on using just my old iPad since it's a relatively short trip and we will have wifi access. I'm not taking any lighting kit other than a simple reflector.

Anything missing? I'll let you know once I'm back and have some images and experiences to share.