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Photography by Alastair Arthur

Paris 24-hour photowalk

24 hours. A long time for a photowalk or too short to explore a city?

My first 24-hour walk in London was fun, but definitely a learning experience. Not enough of a plan, not enough phone battery life, and not enough to keep me occupied through the tricky 4-6am period. The walk in London was to grasp an opportunity to photograph a city I lived in many years ago and to see how much it had changed.

Walking Paris was a farewell. To my home for the last few years, to an amazing city, to the great landmarks and the quirky old streets.

 Shapes, lines and heels

Shapes, lines and heels

 From light to shadow. Underneath métro line 6.

From light to shadow. Underneath métro line 6.

 Late night Montmartre

Late night Montmartre

Just experiencing and enjoying this amazing city through a 24-hour period is perhaps highlight enough, but a few others come to mind too:

Posting every hour to Instagram being a real challenge and motivation, especially through the night. It was great to get comments back too while still out on the walk.

Watching dance classes and picnics on the bank of the Seine.

Between 3 and 4am meeting two other photographers on the Champs Elysees, then an entire film crew shooting publicity film for Citroen outside the Grand Palais.

Sunset at the Louvre, sunrise by the river and Notre Dame.

You can see my 'live' posts on Instagram here and by searching for the hashtag #paris24live. You can also see my final selection of favourite images from my Fuji X-E1 here.

(Apologies for the recent radio silence here and on social media. Life has been somewhat hectic since leaving Paris and a few other priorities took over temporarily. Hopefully soon I'll have some photos to share from our new home.)