Paris 24-hour photowalk - next week

I've decided that next week I'm going to go on a photowalk around Paris. For 24 hours.

As many of you know, I did something similar in London last year and found it a great experience. Not always easy, especially in the early hours, but a great way to get to know a city better and to capture some interesting images. In London it was partly an experiment in not getting a hotel but instead making the most of a limited time to take photographs. You can see some of the images here, and it was later featured on the Street Focus podcast.

I'm going to change a few things based on my experience in London. For a start I'm not going to carry a tripod, at least not a full-size one. In London I was keen to shoot some long exposures but it's one more thing to carry, and over 24 hours that makes a difference. I'll stick to a small camera bag with a few spare batteries and maybe a mini tripod. I am going to add one crucial piece of gear though, and that's a charging pack for my phone. I'll be using the phone for occasional navigation but also to take some photos too.

And I'll need the phone because the other thing I want to do is to share live updates as I go. I'll post one photo on the hour every hour to Instagram with the hashtag #paris24live so that anyone can see where I am and what it's like.

I don't have the route exactly planned yet but I am planning to start from the Eiffel Tower, at 10am on Wednesday 8 April. The early hours of the next morning will I'm sure be the hardest, but I'm looking forward to watching early morning Paris unfold. And hoping the rain stays away.

If you'd like to follow along, please check out my my Instagram feed and leave a few comments as I go.