Artistic Photography on a Phone

More and more I'm intrigued by the concept of making art on a phone. Art that's based on photography, but using other apps too to process the image and create something more unusual, perhaps more surreal or emotional. There's something very immediate and accessible about using these little devices that we carry around to create and learn and practice rather than get sucked into the latest clickbait. The touchscreen makes a great interface too when the apps are designed well.


We know that the cameras are great now on most phones. Apple is still at the forefront, but now Samsung, HTC, the new Google Pixel and others offer similar performance too. Right now I prefer the choice of Android phones (particular given the price of iPhone) and I prefer using Android as a system. Android still lags behind iOS in terms of apps though. The gap is small, but there are just a few strong iOS photography apps that haven't yet made it to Android. One significant one is Hipstamatic, along with it's various spin-off apps. It was one of my favorites on iPhone and sadly missed in the Android world. Mextures and Stackables are excellent too.

So photography on an Android phone can be a little more tricky. There are many websites dedicated to iPhone photography and iPhone art, but very few tailored to Android. So I've added a few pages here on my site, specifically to highlight some of the best apps, gear, techniques and photographers in phone photography and specifically for Android. Information and inspiration. And a few of my own photos too. Almost everything applies to iPhone as well as Android, but I don't include anything that is iPhone-only. Hopefully they will help to find the right apps and see techniques and examples from some of the very best phone photographers. Check it all out here and let me know if there's anything else it would be useful to know.


And next time you're sitting on the subway or waiting for someone or dual-screening in front of the tv, why not skip over Facebook and try a little phone-based artistry instead.