Polarr, Flickr and an NYC street meet

Hey, how was your weekend?

I headed to the beach, I think for the first time this year. There was a Pursuit of Portraits event down in Coney Island yesterday. Lots of aspiring photographers and models, some great weather (sunshine at last, although still pretty cold by the sea). I find it a strange mix with such a large group. Frustrating when multiple photographers are all taking the same image, but it’s always interesting to watch what others are doing too. I took a few portraits, a few street shots and enjoyed the early-season atmosphere.

Ever tried Polarr? I think it’s one of the best mobile editors, more powerful than Snapseed and easier to learn than Affinity. I mention it because it’s switching to a subscription model at the end of this month. So now is the time to buy. Buying the ‘pro’ features on mobile gives you the full desktop version too.

Ah Flickr. Still soldiering on, hidden somewhere in the shadow of mighty Instagram but still widely used. And now owned by SmugMug. Interesting. I’ve been using SmugMug for some time hosting client galleries since Squarespace still lacks such an obvious feature. It’s a good tool, with plenty of print options and solid eCommerce. And now they have a massive photo library. I used Flickr for backups for a while and still have some images there. I wonder if they will try to combine the two platforms but I doubt much will happen in the short term. Will Flickr become ‘cool’? It would be good to see.

As you might have seen on my Instagram stories, I’m experimenting with a street photography meetup (except it’s on Eventbrite) tonight. It’s just going to be drinks and chat, although it’s a good part of town for some night street photography too. If it goes well I’ll set up a few more. 

A few shots from Coney: