Project #1 : Returning Home

29 years since I moved out of home? That can't be right, the gods have been playing with the calendar and time doing that annoying trick of speeding up. But anyway, Argyle Road in Bognor Regis was where it started for me. 5 minutes walk from the sea, a small tree in the garden and a wooden boat under construction in our inappropriately named 'dining room'.

I can't remember how long it was since I went back, but we drove down with mum late last year to visit some old friends. I only had a few hours to capture some images, and it's been tricky to put a little project together without them all just being my memories. It's still personal, but probably more of how I see the place now than how I remember it. I'd like to go back and shoot some more, but I'm still pretty happy with the images so far and I've put some together as my first 2018 project if you'd like to take a look.