Project #4 : 24 Hours in NYC

I’ve already talked about the 24 hour project earlier this month, and I’ve put together the final series of images now. Not one per hour, and not even spread over the 24 hours. Mostly my favorites, but also some of the strongest memories along with the other photographers I met and the many conversations. It's no surprise that I don't have much to show for the last few hours, finding somewhere to sit down felt like more of a priority at time.

It was an awesome experience that's hard to put into a few words. There's the buzz of Manhattan anyway, regardless of the time of day, with so much going on. There's the encounters as we just started random conversations and heard a little of their story from a few New Yorkers. It was fun to have company but also knowing there were other photographers out around the city documenting their own 24 hours as they saw it.

You can see the final images here.

Thinking back also makes me wonder if our lives feel empty sometimes because we spend too long doing things that are easy, when it’s the things that are hard that are more worthwhile, more rewarding.

So that's my April project. I have a few ideas for May but need to get planning and shooting. Have a great week!