Replacing the Fujifilm X-T10

I tried the X-Pro2, considered the X-T2 and contemplated the new X-E3. With my old X-T10 usable but needing repairs this has been more of a need (if a camera can really be such a thing) than just the usual desire for an upgrade.

The thing is, my wife had an X-T1 that wasn't getting much use. It was a great deal when she bought it in the UK earlier this year, but it wasn't her first choice of camera. With the X-E2s selling for under $500, we planned that she could get that and I would inherit her X-T1. Except that I was the one doing the shopping and couldn't resist getting her an X-T20 instead. I knew she preferred it and it seemed worth the extra to get a current generation model with the newer sensor, 4k video etc.

Of course I'd tried out her X-T1 plenty of times but it's different when it's your own camera, setup how you like it and you can really get familiar with it. The handling is great, I love the grip and the viewfinder. I don't notice the extra size over the X-T10, just occasionally the slight extra weight but it's not as if it's a heavy camera. The dedicated ISO dial is great, but the biggest plus for me is the reassurance of weather-resistance, especially for street photography. The only features I'd really like from the X-T2 are the dual card slots and the improved video.

It seems in vogue to have 'cameras don't matter' rants at the moment. Of course it's true that the skill of the photographer (and the quality of the light, and the lens being used) will make more difference to an image than the quality of camera being used. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy the aesthetics and tactile interaction and even inspiration that a new camera can provide. I was just listening to Ian MacDonald talk about how the Fuji X100 inspired his photography when he was close to giving up (on Fujilove podcast episode 20). A new camera won't make you a better photographer, but if it brings enjoyment and you can afford it, go for it. If it inspires you to get out more and learn how to use it, it might just be worth it.

We've just got back from a week in Maine with the X-T1 as my primary camera, although we also had the X-T20, my old injured X-T10 and a Ricoh GR2 along for the ride. You may have seen a few early shots on Instagram but I'll post about it shortly once I've finished the edits.

X-T20 X-T1