Scott Kelby WorldWide Photowalk 2014

Photowalks always give me a dilemma. Do I take photos, or do I chat to people? Do I start a conversation then stop abruptly mid-sentence at the sight of an unusual cloud formation? I like to think of myself as a sociable loner. I like my own company, but get bored of it quickly. Still, with two back-to-back walks planned for my Saturday afternoon, it looked like there would be time for both approaches.

11 October was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, with the incentives of a competition for the best photos and with any donations going to the work of a Kenyan orphanage. Scott was leading a walk in London and I had signed up for a mid-afternoon walk in Paris. I then saw another local walk advertised via Meetup and decided I might just manage both.

 Family photographers

I must admit that my talk/photo ratio ended up heavily influenced by language factors. Most participants on the first walk were speaking English (=more talking), and most on the second walk were speaking French (=more photos, even though I need the language practice).

Both walks were great fun though, meeting new people and exploring a few new corners of the city. I was pretty pleased with my french Abbey Road idea (see the image below), even finding out later that Scott had done something similar on the actual Abbey Road.

Thanks to the Paris walk leaders, Hillary Fox and Laurent, and to Scott for organising a great day.

 Abbey rue, Paris

Abbey rue, Paris