September Sunrises

I don't think we watch enough sunrises and sunsets. Sure, for some it's easier than others. Maybe you can watch the sunset from your kitchen window, or maybe you have local beach is facing in the perfect direction. More likely it's not that easy so requires some effort. I remember one night as a student when a few of us climbed Solsbury Hill (from Peter Gabriel's song) after a late night to watch the sunrise. Wrapped in blankets we watched as black turned to dark grey turned to light grey without the sun making the slightest appearance. We hiked back home tired but not that disappointed (actually I think we may have found a cafe serving a good english breakfast first). So a plain grey morning is always a possibility, especially in England.

In late August this year I started thinking about watching more sunrises. A whole month of them in fact. Trocadero is a short walk from our apartment and I knew that the sunrise wouldn't be exactly behind the Eiffel Tower from there, but at least close enough to hopefully create some interesting images and to document the different clouds and colours and conditions through the month.

Conditions weren't always ideal and I was amazed to see the guys selling Eiffel Tower models there before me every single day. On a few days there was just heavy grey cloud but it only rained I think twice through the entire month. And on more than a few days the sky was spectacular. A light show greater than the even the best Bastille Day efforts. You might not live near the Eiffel Tower or a Hawaiian beach, but you can still enjoy the daily show wherever you might be.

You can see the final project here: Paris Sunrise