What is Socality?

It's interesting that a number of online communities seem to be increasingly seeking to create and encourage physical interactions. Socality is the first though that I've come across to be centered around photography but to also incorporate an element of faith or spirituality (although if anyone from Beer and Cameras would like to discuss the spiritual nature of beer over a pint, I'll take a Hoegaarden or Allagash White please).

Like many others communities, Socality utilizes existing social networks such as Instagram and Facebook rather than creating it's own platform. It has a very visual bias, with a focus on art and photography in particular. Take a look at the website and there is a discussion of the limitation of traditional churches and an aim to enable connections that a physical church might not be able to.

I met some of the leaders including the founder, Scott Bakken, at a photo event in New York on Sunday. I don't know the number in attendance but there were maybe 100 or so for a photowalk over to Brooklyn, then a smaller group stayed around for drinks and food back in Manhattan. The whole event was a lot of fun with a very relaxed atmosphere and a lot of new contacts and maybe friends being made. Definitely worth checking out, whether it's for the photography, faith or simply social connections.

(If anyone from the event that I photographed would like a copy and I haven't already sent it, drop me an email or DM).