First solo photography exhibition

On 13 and 15 November, a converted jazz club in the centre of Paris will be hosting my first solo photography exhibition. What privilege to have work displayed in such an amazing location, and during Mois de la Photo (Paris Photo Month) too.

Here's the flyer which you may have seen elsewhere on my site already:

It was Helen, my wife, who suggested the theme. Paris vs London. A comparison in photos of two capital cities that we know and love. I knew that I wanted to show some Paris images but it didn't seem quite right to be only showing Paris and I'd recently been working on a London project too. So a mix of the two cities was ideal and the theme developed from there.

The venue has two floors. On the upper (entrance) floor will be cityscapes and architecture in colour from both cities. The cities showing off, if you like. On the lower floor will be black and white street photography. People of the city, in the midst of their daily lives. Less glamour, more grit.

I hope it's an interesting concept and I look forward to being there to chat to the visitors. If you can make it, I'd love to see you there.


(Many thanks to the CMA for inviting me to show my work, and thanks to John Slaytor for his thoughts on his own first exhibition. They've been a useful reference.)