Sometimes it doesn't all come together

I went out last week to shoot some street photography in Brooklyn. Admittedly I did have another purpose for being there but I still gave myself plenty of time to photograph without distractions. I walked through Bushwick, heading back towards Williamsburg. It was lively, vibrant and diverse, fascinating to be a part of. And I took some shots. But none of them really came off.

I'm still getting to know the area but that's not usually a problem. I love to explore and try to capture the feel of a new place. So was I just having a bad day? Perhaps. I realized later though that I was also listening to podcasts while I was shooting. That old trap of trying to do too many things at once (for me, that's two). The desire to be more productive and stay connected becomes counter-productive. So lesson learnt, no more podcasts while I'm shooting, but I am experimenting with listening to music to see how that effects the images I take because I know it can alter my mood.

Another resolution is to be more intentional about my street photography. Just as I do for portrait shoots, I'm going to make some notes in preparation and in summary of the experience that day. I went to Brooklyn without much of a plan in mind. There is always something to learn from every experience with the camera, and I want to make sure I remember those lessons. 

So I learnt a few things, explored some new streets, and spent an enjoyable few hours. Coming back with no 'keepers' wasn't actually a bad day at all.

 Brooklyn, NYC, July 2015

Brooklyn, NYC, July 2015

ps. Actually, looking back through the images, I do kinda like this one.