Alastair Arthur Photography


Photography by Alastair Arthur

Photographing Southern Norway - Glaciers and Fjords, Mountains and Trolls

Aside from the eruption warnings, Iceland seems to generate the most enthusiasm amongst photographers at the moment, and understandably from the photos I've seen. But I've been wanting to visit Norway for years. Neither of us had visited Scandinavia before, and as we were booking the trip the pictures in my head were of bleak landscapes (usually in black and white) rather clear skies and late evening sunshine. In the end we had both.

This is the route we took (as organised by the excellent Authentic Scandinavia) :

Oslo, Lillehammer, Røros, Trondheim, Molde, Bøverdal, Sogndal, Bergen, Geilo, Oslo

We picked up a hire car at Oslo airport and the trip overall included a fair amount of driving but was well worth it. One thing I love about road trips is watching the landscape change through the journey, in this case from rolling hills to mountains to fjords and glaciers. We enjoyed the cities very much too, especially Bergen with it's harbour and surrounding hills. But it was the breathtaking landscapes that I enjoyed most. To negotiate the coast with it's many islands and fjords we took multiple ferry crossing as well as a 25km tunnel and the stunning Atlantic Road with it's distinctive curved bridges.

As a driving enthusiast, the winding climb of Trollstigen (Troll Road) was stunning (and much respect to the few cyclists we saw negotiating the climb).

The glacier at Nigardsbreen may be far from it's previous splendour (according to the local hitchhiker that we picked up after visiting) but to stand beneath it's wall of ice and watch the torrents of icy water gushing from it's depths were powerful experiences and I could have stayed there for hours. 

I took many photos over the two weeks of course and you can see some on Instagram, but these are a few of my favourites. Calm, quiet, still, open landscapes. Great country.