The Humble Photographer

Humility is one of the traits I admire most in any photographer, but don’t often see.

We’re all caught up in the race. Look at me. Look at this. Please like and subscribe. Here's my blog, here's my Patreon. I did this. Look, I'm in a plane. Now I'm drinking trendy coffee.

Not that those are bad things. We should show the world what we’re doing and have something to offer. But hopefully in a way that adds value, informs, inspires or encourages.

We don’t like to show our weaknesses, failures. How many of the most-followed YouTubers or IGers are showing a carefully manufactured ‘this is my life, isn’t it great?’ highlight real.

I’m as guilty as anyone at struggling to be ‘vulnerable’ online, wanting to portray a certain competency and confidence.

A couple of examples of demonstrated humility come to mind. The well known Zack Arias video for the Scott Kelby blog that changed his career, about his struggles and doubts as an artist. Zack I think has been one of the more open and honest throughout his online presence so far.

And most recently, Sean Tucker. Sometimes in his YouTube channel but also particularly in interviews such as this one on the Process Driven podcast. He’s still teaching, from the stage he's reached in his own photography, but is also very open and honest about his own learning process and the shortcomings he still sees in his own images.

We all need to see and hear more of this I believe. Real, honest, refreshing and incredibly valuable.


(Thanks to my talented wife, who should use her photography skills more, for the photo)