Young, Free and Covered in Avocado

Life has changed a lot. As so many other tired and startled parents have already said, creating a new little human does that. She's nearly 9 months old, so doesn't need me every minute of the day but will place an order for service (food, drink, help me up, make me feel better, what does this wire do?) every 5 or 10 or 20 minutes. She's mobile, in the sense that she shuffles around the apartment in endless pursuit of a concerned cat, but she hasn't yet been able to negotiate the ordering system in the Lyft app.

And so photography for me has changed too. I have a willing (for now) photoshoot assistant, whether to model or keep clients entertained by pretending to be a happy child or carefully moving a lightstand in line with her own artistic ideas. There's less street photography and more family images. More client work, fewer personal projects. I do have a couple of street projects in mind that I want to get kicked off very soon though and I'll share a little on those once I have a few images.

It's frustrating, as a parent, not to have the same freedom. Except that I kind of do have the same freedom, just with my new photo assistant for company. Sure, things take longer. I have to carry milk around, and a bag of accessories that aren't just for my camera. But I'm still young. Ok, not that young, but not that old. Young enough, despite yet another birthday.

Embracing change isn't always easy, but a daughter is worth it. A hundred times over. I'm sure the images I'm making will change, evolve (or devolve I guess depending on your preferences) with a new chapter of life. More stories to be written, but more will be her stories. I'll be there to make the images, even if it's just after lunch and I'm still covered in avocado.