Google Photos

The default gallery app for Android offers a lot more features than simply storing your photos.


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Searchable by people, places and things – no tagging required
  • Automatically created movies, collages, animations, panoramas
  • Editing Tools and Filters
  • Smart Albums
  • Photo Sharing
  • Cast to Chromecast Devices

It's a good, solid app, and the smart features such as facial recognition can be very useful. I'm less keen on the folders being virtual collections, but that's a personal choice. The most annoying aspect is how it integrates with other apps, with 'Gallery' (a subset of images from you library) being the default selection, making it an unnecessarily complicated process to access all other images. It's usually more simple to find the photo you want to work on in Photos, then share it with another app from there.

Unlimited storage is great and syncing between platforms works seamlessly with the option to select which folders are backed up online.

Best used for:

  • Managing you photo collection
  • Finding images