Adobe Lightroom for desktop is a great tool for image management and processing. Even if you need the additional manipulation features of Photoshop, the two integrate pretty well. The Lightroom mobile app is a solid editing tool, but shares little of the design or the more powerful editing tools with the desktop version. What it does do though is synchronize with the desktop version, so not only are a collection of chosen images available in the app, edits made in the app can also be reflected back in the full desktop version.

Features (from Google Play)

  • Tools including one-tap presets and advanced adjustments
  • Undo options, revert to the original at any time
  • In-app camera
  • Shoot-through presets
  • Copy edits across photos

The ability to sync with a main Lightroom catalogue is a powerful tool with a lot of potential for allowing tablet-based editing as part of a workflow. If the editor had more of the features of the desktop version, such as spot removal for example, I would use it a lot more frequently.

Best used for:

  • Sync with desktop Lightroom catalogue