MIX has some similarities with VSCO in terms of combining editing tools with a wide range of filters and an online community for sharing images. It also adds the ability to save your own filters, and includes some good online tutorials.

Features (from Google Play)

  • 130 filters covering a variety of styles including professional film, instant film, selfie, LOMO etc.
  • Advanced image editing tools like curve, HSL, split toning etc.
  • 60+ effect-enhancing texture overlays
  • Save and share your own filters, which are backed up to the Cloud and will never be lost
  • MIX Community
  • Study image post-processing techniques in MIX Academy

I came across MIX fairly recently and I'm very impressed so far. I like the filters and the ability to design and save your own is a great feature. The editing tools include many advanced features, including split toning and curves. The interface is easy to navigate too, although I did find myself losing changes occasionally. One downside though is that there doesn't seem to be a way of removing the ads. Disappointing for such an otherwise well designed and powerful app.

Best used for:

  • Creating new filters
  • Split toning
  • Community