VSCO attempts to provide everything in one place, with a camera, gallery, editor and sharing functions. The camera is fairly basic but work well enough, and the editor is well featured. VSCO is probably best known for it's extensive range of filters though, some free and others that have to be purchased.

Features (from Google Play)

Social Media Community
Extensive Filters Collection

I've never really got on with VSCO, although I know others that love it. The filters are admittedly very good, it's just the interface that I've never enjoyed using, perhaps because I haven't spent enough time to learn all the little icons. The editor does include some interesting tools though, including the ability to adjust the tint of shadows and highlights separately. The community is well supported and if you want everything in one place then VSCO is worth a try.

Best used for:

  • Filters
  • Split Toning
  • Community