Workshop: Phone Photography

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Workshop: Phone Photography


When:  Next dates to be confirmed

Where: 650 1st Street, Hoboken, New Jersey



No experience necessary. Bring your iPhone, Android phone or Windows phone.


  • The impact of phone photography
  • Photography as communication
  • Highlights of the best apps available
  • Compositional techniques - Using simplicity
  • Filters and post-processing
  • Social Media options


I keep group numbers small so that it's easy for everyone to meet each other, interact and ask questions. While it's important to understand the technical aspects of photography, it's the artistic, emotional and aesthetic aspects that matter most. Knowing and applying the right techniques and visual language will always make far more difference than the equipment you use. I always encourage my student to experiment, try something different and not worry about making mistakes. 

Maximum of 8 students.

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