My brother James and I, a while ago

My brother James and I, a while ago

Portrait, headshot and street photography in New York, Hoboken and Jersey City // Born on the south coast of England with Scottish blood // Moved to Paris, then New York // Master Photographer in the Arcanum // Introvert that likes meeting strangers // Photowalks, workshops and 1:1 coaching // Quietly optimistic and full of ideas


Cell: 201-724-5750 (US)


Oh my, every single shot is absolutely stunning! LOVE!!! Definitely one of the best shoots of my life!! Thank you thank you thank you!
— Heather
They’re all (every image you made) great pieces of work that have real emotion in them and your composition of the images was awesome! You have a unique way of looking at things. Thanks again for a wonderful shoot!
— Charlotte
These and the pictures that followed were fantastic... This is the first time I’ve ever had head shots where there were *multiple* ones that I liked, so thank you again!”
— Lilian
Maybe my favorite picture ever taken of me I think
— Tory
Thanks! I am using the black and white head shots… they look great!
— Rachel
Wow! Al! I’m blown away! These all look so fantastic!!
— Angie
I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with these. I will definitely be coming to you in the future
— Lisa
Just a short note to say how much I appreciated all the work and direction you put into the two days I was in NY.

With your coaching, suggestions and feedback I really felt I was making images with more thought than ever before. I was getting those ah-ha moments we revel in.
— Kit
And thank you greatly for the beautiful photos on your website gallery - they look amazing and I’m completely in awe!
— Frances
They look great man! Thanks so much.
You’re the best!!
— Anthony
Awesome, Love it! You’re an amazing photographer..! Was nice meeting you!
— Alexia
Thanks so much Alastair! These look great...
— Drew
Great, what a speedy delivery!
First of all, I LOVE the colors! And the end result is very natural.
Thank you for the very relaxed shoot, you made me feel comfortable with your easy-going and calm manner to go about the session.
— Kirsi
Thank you so much for these photos!!!! They are beautiful, and I will always treasure them!
— Grace
They are so gorgeous!!! I really truly love them and they show exactly who I am and the image of my music too.
— Tiphanie
Alastair the pictures are amazing!! I can’t believe they turned out that way!
— Ben
Alastair is a fantastic photographer and is really pleasant to work with. His photos are excellent, and he knows how to pull the best out of the person during the photo shoot.

I ended up having a lot of fun trying different spots and poses following Alastair’s kind guidance for my outdoor headshot. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know!
— Taehee
OMG that is just perfect!!!!
I really really love the job you did!
It looks so much as what I expected! Thanks a lot, You really worked fast!
— Lili
Thanks for the quick turn around. I’ve updated my Linkedin photo already :)
— Nicki